About Vaithiyar Bhani

Vaithiyar Bhani

Sarangapani, also referred as Vaithiyar Bhani, is a popularly known figure in Malaysia for Indian Siddha & Ayurveda Medicine, a specialized Siddha Medicine practitioner , Thanulogist, Phytobiophysicist, Yoga Therapist, Herbalist , Dietician and Naturopath.

His other specialities include pulse reading, yoga therapy,natural healing, acupunture and astrology. Cited as ‘Vaithiya Sironmaney’, he was interviewed by BBC (London) in 2002. He became an Honorary Lecturer in Perak Medical College in 2006, and is commonly seen in ASTRO broadcasted programmes such as Vizhuthugal, Thathuvamedai, and Alaram.

He has given numerous talks, speeches and interviews to the media, in ashrams, temples and universities on Principles of Siddha. He was also one of the youngest speaker at the first World Siddha Conference which was held in Malaysia and the second World Siddha Conference held in India.

He started practicing Siddha Medicine at 30. Since then he had successfully treated more than fifty thousand patients with various ailments. He had cured patients with gout, asthma, gastric, ulcer, psoriasis, sinus and other critical illnesses.

His vision is to strive towards creating a minimum of ten qualified Siddha medical doctors within the next seven years. As a first step towards achieving this vision , Vaithiyar Bhani is conducting a nationwide Siddha medicinal tour to educate people on the importance of Siddha values and in realizing that every treatment should start from home.

Dr. Bhani is presently having his private practice at Total Health Care centres in Ipoh Perak, Sentul Boulevard KL and Penang. Effective treatments are offered for all diseases. Specialties include treatment for psoriasis and skin diseases, cancer, paralysis, arthritis, spondilitis, frozen shoulder, migraine, hypertension, slip-disc, asthma, diabetes, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, depression, fatigue, insomnia, intestinal disorders, weight problems, diabetes and etc are offered here. He had successfully treated more than fifty thousand patients with various ailments

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